is a Integration of Industry and Trade (IIT) company With a vision to bring the unique marketing of products to our customer, all with a focus on learning and go with the current.

2014's Sunglasses Brand

Created CHAN ISSUE’s sunglasses category in 2014,which is also an e-commerce website.

2012's Tmall Online

From export to domestic, from OEM to brand. We opened the first one store selling dress of CHAN ISSUE brand on Tmall.

2000's Local store in Dubai

Run a local shop on Al Ras Road near the Deira Gold Souk in Dubai. Sells sunglasses, glasses, bags, and belts. At that time, the name was juma maskin trading and the brand was JMT.

1992's foreign trade store in beijing

Run a foreign trade store at Xiushuijie in Beijing. Sells Dress and clothes to foreigner. At that time, it was no name.

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